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What is EdTech?

What is EdTech?

EdTech companies provide digital technologies to individuals, schools, and school districts that range dramatically in purpose and function. And the industry’s reach is far and growing, which spells trouble for children.

The kinds of harm children suffer by EdTech vary by product type. Click here to view a categorical breakdown of the primary EdTech software and platforms.

EdTech Overview

EdTech Exposed

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Problems for Parents

Problems for Parents

EdTech infringes on parents’ right to parent as they choose. 
The use of digital technologies in the classroom can limit parents’ ability to:

  • Support their kids’ health and wellness
  • Protect their kids from content that does not align with their family’s values
  • Protect their kids from cyberbullying
  • Set and maintain screen-time limits
  • Provide their kids safe and healthy independence
  • Limit commercialization in their kids’ lives
  • Understand the process of their kids’ learning
  • Understand others’ decision-making about their kids
  • Help their kids get into the school or career of their choice
  • Have access to and control over their kids’ information
  • Choose whether to consent to practices that directly affect their kids
  • Safeguard their own privacy and information

Issues with EdTech

Issues With EdTech

  • Invasions of privacy
  • Harms to health and wellness
  • Access to inappropriate content
  • Unhealthy engagement
  • Data insecurity
  • Commercial manipulation
  • Discrimination
  • No access to information
  • No consent

Recent Cases

Active Cases

Nonconsensual student data mining: PowerSchool and IXL Learning

These class-action lawsuits against PowerSchool Holdings, Inc. and IXL Learning, Inc. allege that the defendant companies, through persistent digital surveillance, harvest vast troves of sensitive information from children and their families without their knowledge or consent. The companies are alleged to use that information for commercial purposes in violation of families’ privacy, property, and consumer rights.

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IXL Learning Faces Lawsuit Over Claims of Violating Children’s Data Privacy

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Class Action Suit Targets Widespread Mining, Sale Of Student Data Without Consent

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Bloomberg Law

Education Tech Firm IXL Sued Over Collecting, Using Student Data

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Julie Liddell

Who We Are

The EdTech Law Center (ETLC) works to hold education technology companies legally accountable for the harm they inflict on students, families, and schools.

ETLC’s mission is to keep education free and not conditioned on submission to persistent surveillance and commercial exploitation of student information.

Julie Liddell has spent years researching the harms that digital technologies pose to children and advocating for greater protections for children online. She is now turning to the courts to help families and schools protect their rights from tech companies that put profits before individuals’ health, safety, and privacy.

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