Issues with EdTech

Access to inappropriate content

EdTech makes it hard to maintain family values.

A primary concern among parents is the content to which their children have access using digital technologies at school.  And there’s cause for concern, from sexually explicit material to material related to violence and self-harm. These concerns are fueled in part by the fact that many school-issued computers fail to include parental controls.

Porn at school. One survey of 1,300 teens found 54% reported viewing pornographic content before the age of 13. A staggering 15% were ten years old or younger.  And nearly a third of teens reported seeing online pornography at school, 44% of whom reported viewing it on a school-issued device.

Blame-shifting. Anecdotal horror stories of access to inappropriate content abound. To add insult to injury, instead of accepting responsibility for granting children access to such content, school administrators and EdTech companies too often blame unwitting parents and, worse, naturally curious children.